My String Life


My Stringed Life, started when I was about 13 years old. At school we only had the option to play in band, but I didn’t want to play a wind instrument. So I asked my mom if there was anyway I could play violin? Big question, because “Little Washington” is a small town. Well she started searching and a miracle happened! She found the “Sweetest” violin teacher! Not knowing she was going to be the biggest part of my “Stringed Life.”


First time we meet, I was so nervous, and  right away I felt so comfortable. She had a way of just making you feel so welcome and loved. She saw I was shy and helped me work through it. Which I’m so thankful for now as a Adult you have no choice but to be social and open. I remember my very first violin, it was the cheapest thing you could ever buy. Varnish was almost orange in color, and sounded like a tin can. But I learned to make it play anyway. My teacher taught me much through my teenage years, how to not just play, but how to be a beautiful person. Teaching Shinichi Suzuki violin was the method she taught, and I learned to love his teachings. I remember her telling me time and time again, “You will be a great violin teacher”, I didn’t think so. I wanted to just play in a orchestra and that was it. Until life happened and I feel in love and got married.


To young to know better, I got married at 18 years old. I thought I knew everything! This was a very sad time in my life. My marriage was not working out and I lost my dream of playing the violin…..I put it down and tried to get a handle on my marriage. I never could, and that was a lesson learned. But I did get something so beautiful and precious out of it. My two beautiful children, Joe and Elizabeth. My saving angels! After growing up and learning such a valuable lesson, my life just enhanced. I decided to go back to school to learn a trade to support my children, but while in school I decided to start teaching violin. I went to many summer class to learn the trade of teaching violin, while I was married, even though my spouse thought it was a waste. I loved this time in my life! The children I was teaching became a part of my family.

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After graduating I decided I needed to cut back on teaching, and work a full-time job. But soon I met my Israel, who became my husband on 2010. Very supportive and loving. I have been so blessed since. I had my third child in 2011, Zoe. My little life catcher. The gift of Strings have been taught to my three children ever since they were 3 years old. My son now plays cello, my two girl violin. I started out teaching them violin, but two think they know it all. So I had to get them teachers.



Skipping on to summer 2015, my life completely stopped. A family emergency happened and I quit my full-time job and prayed the Lord would take the reigns and guide me into my next phase in life. I soon relized that I need a job close to home and few months later I started teaching violin again at home. Then one day my dearest Violin teacher contacted me. She has been a Violin/Music teacher in a charter school for 14 years, and asked me to come visit. Something beautiful was born! Volunteering then turned into a “Teacher Assistant” job. I have been working there ever since and what beauty, peace, joy and hope I have experienced is just breath taking. My Stringed Life is still in the works! I can say that playing my violin and sharing it has been a gift to me and those I have shared it with.




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