Stings in the Midst’s of Rain

Well it sure has been raining here in the East, and flooded our little town a few times as well. But as it would seem beauty still prevails here in my Stringed life. Monday my little violin students lit up my heart, watching them explore their new found world of violin. Each smiling from ear to ear in excitement. Even as the rain and thunder crashed, it had seemed to slip their young minds. Which its nice to see them do that, giving them sort of a freedom of the outside.


Entering into today, I’m planning my Daughters 5th Birthday Celebration and getting a little nervous about how Saturday may turn out. So much rain and of course she is looking forward to a out door party. Its still raining today, feels like it will never end. But it will all work out, I have to remember not to worry about such things as to much rain. She is having a Disney Princess party, as expected. I was surprised as she picked “Merida”, princess of Brave. I love Scotland and love the music there, of course “Merida”, is a Scottish princess. Zoe responded in telling me that she looked like her, I think is so sweet. She loves the movie too. I as well do, as its a more about Mother and Daughter not just a love story.



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