Thursday String Blog After Hurricane Matthew!


Sorry so late! Hurricane Matthew has hit our little town and our surrounding towns too. So Prayers are welcomed!

I was thinking about notes last night. The never ending counting of notes and how hard it must be to for those who never learned to read music….playing in orchestra its a MUST!


Note Names and Beats:

Whole note, also known as “Semibreve” is a count of 4 beats.          thogewdhdb

Next is dotted note, also known as”Dotted Minim” is a count of 3. thhct9nyz7

A half note, also known as “Minim” is 2 beats.th07llog3z


Then you have the dotted quarter, also known as “Dotted Crotchet” is 1 1/2 beats. dotted_quarter_note_with_upwards_stem_svg


Quarter note, also known as “Crotchet” is 1 beat. thc1maczfx


Then you have your eighth note, also known as “Quaver” is 1/2 beat. thrjnd2bv5


“Semiquaver” is 1/4 beat.thbd7adahq


And here is a little musical Joke just for you!




String Thursday (October 6, 2016)


Note Reading! So much fun right?? Well it can be if you look at it this way!

FACE is all the Open notes, No line in them. And Every Good Boy Does Fine

are going to be on the staff line. If we look at notes like this it will be a lot

easier to remember! If you notice the notes are only A-G, so even small

children can learn to read music.


Here is a good example for early note reading! Enjoy!